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As your PC ages, its performance will begin to decrease due to accumulated junk such as unwanted programs, useless temporary files, and bad registry entries. But IOBit’s Advanced SystemCare 9 and its new Speed Up feature, these junk files will be cleaned up, in addition to other system maintainance tasks such as drive defragging, registry cleaning, and more. With its many amazing features, Advanced SystemCare 9 is sure to give your PC the boost it needs.

Fix Slow Start-Up Times

A common issue that many users have reported is the issue of slow start up times. This is because unwanted programs and tasks set to execute upon boot hog all of your computer’s resources while Windows loads, resulting in slow loading times. Advanced SystemCare comes bundled with a module called “Startup Manager.” This module contains a database of known programs and tasks that slow down your computer’s loading time. When it sees these registered to run at startup, it offers you the choice to disable it, allowing you to start your computer in mere seconds with a single click of your mouse.

Speed Up Web Surfing

Another common issue that many users have been dealing with is slow internet browsing. Advanced SystemCare is specifically designed to tackle this problem as well. As you browse the internet, you may accidentally download or accumulate unwanted toolbars and extensions that steal resources from your computer. Advanced SystemCare removes these extentions and toolbars while optimizing your browser to ensure that they are always running at peak performance. In addition, it clears malicious cookies, removes junk files, and fixes connection issues that can cause your webpages to load slowly. Once again, this all happens with the click of a button.

Protect your Information

Then there are malicious programs that latch on to your web browser and do a whole lot of shady business. They track your personal information as you surf the web, steal valuable passwords and information, and can be a gateway for viruses and other unwanted programs. Luckily, Advanced SystemCare is capable of detecting these applications and stop them in their tracks, keeping your personal information and sensitive data out of the hands of the bad guys. But as if that isn’t enough, Advanced SystemCare has the capability of disabling all of the new information tracking features within Windows 10 – a feature that Microsoft added with the new release but received an awful lot of backlash over. When disabled, you will never have to worry about your personal information being tracked by Microsoft while using Windows.

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