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About CCleaner

There’s a reason why millions of PC users flock to CCleaner when they are trying to optimize their PC’s performance. It’s easy to use, powerful, and efficient at cleaning out your computer’s filesystem and registry of all the junk files and errors. On top of it all is a feature rich GUI that allows you to isolate the clutter in your system for a thoroughly customizable clean every single time.

If you computer is running slow, it may not come as a surprise. As your computer runs, it collects mounds of junk files and registry errors that make it run slow and sometimes even crash. CCleaner knows exactly where to search for these files when it analyzes your system, listing all of the possibilities for freeing up space.

When you browse the internet, advertisements save tracking cookies on your computer that allow them to monitor your browsing habits and target advertisements tailored to you. CCleaner can clean these cookies off of your system as well, leaving your browsing habits unmonitored and private.

How it works

When your computer starts up, programs tend to silently start up. CCleaner allows users to disable startup applications so that your computer boots up faster.

Then, hackers and malicious attackers are always trying to gain access to your system, and deleted apps often leave files on your computer long after they are uninstalled, leaving fragmented files and broken registry entries that can wreak more havoc on your computer. By performing regular maintainance with this software, your computer can remain optimized and clean. With CCleaner scrubbing even the dark corners of your computer, you can bet that it gets everything.

When opened, users are presented with an easy to use user interface that anyone can learn with a few minutes of dedication. Using a tab view, users can clean their filesystem of any temporary or junk files, clean brken registry entries, and analyze their system for performance info related to CCleaner’s tools.

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