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About Flamory

If you are looking to take snapshots of your web pages, applications and documents, then this snapshot software may be a good choice for you. Flamory lets you take snapshots of the windows desktop environment as well as store them in an easy to use data base that supports text search and file thumbnails. Then anytime you’d like you can paste and anywhere using the built in uploader.

Flamory serves as its very own book marking system, so you don’t even need to use browser bookmarks anymore to remember cool things on the Internet. When a snapshot is taken of a web browser, Flamory say is the URL and scroll location of the browser. Then anytime the double click on the screen shot inside of Flamory, the browser will open back up and automatically scroll to the position of the saved web page.

Flamory Is also great if you are trying to stay on top of things productivity-wise, as it automatically generates notes about the snapshots that you take. When a feature called History Recording is enabled, it automatically takes snapshots of every web pages visit, so if you remember something and don’t remember where you found it you can easily search for it and retrieve it. Just imagine being able to retrieve specific information off of the Internet with a few clicks of the mouse.

The built and sharing functionality in this software allows you to send screens shots in the form of emails, documents, or even posts. The program is capable of exporting into a wide variety of formats, and you can even post them has edited images or extracted text.

Flamory Features

Some notable features of Flamory include:

  • Auto generation of snapshot thumbnails
  • Interactive life preview of thumbnails that allow you to close in on the desired data
  • Built an image editor for endless modification and sharing possibilities
  • Image to text search and recognition for in-depth file scanning and searching
  • History Recording Mode for easier recall of previous browsing history
  • Automatic classification of snapshots

Replace image only screenshots with detailed step shots that are provided by Flamory! They serve as much better recollections of information and boost productivity immensely.

Version: 4.2.19
Price: $0.00 (Free)
License: Freeware

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