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About FreeMind

When attempting to boost creativity and productivity many look to mind maps in order to sort thoughts and effectively connect ideas. This practice has been used for thousands of years and its effectiveness is just the same today as it was back then.

FreeMind is an effective mind mapping tool that simplifies the idea of mind maps with a system of child and sibling notes that link together to create complete ideas. It is written in the java language, sealed need to make sure that you have java installed on your system.

When you create a new document you start off with the main node that serves as the main starting point of your idea. Then as your idea continues to branch out, you can add sub nodes that expand the content of your main idea, as well as format each idea to convey priority or importance. You can also had notes to each node and style your overall flow chart with colors that organize your idea into subcategories.

Boost Creativity With FreeMind Mind Mapping

FreeMind excels at getting the creative juices flowing by offering you a blank canvas that you can use to expand ideas. Then when ideas come together, you can easily modify them and re-link them to correspond with your changes in planning. The files can also be shared between team members for prototyping purposes and accelerated development. With the ability to expand on ideas and space to work with them, their projects will be much more organized in your ideas will continuously grow at a much faster rate.

For those interested and other productivity utilities, check out our utilities category page. We’re continuing to add many useful applications and utilities that can be used to increase productivity in any situation. Also, if there’s an application that we don’t have, feel free to shoot us a request and we will get it up as soon as possible.

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