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About JetStart

A problem that eventually plagues every Windows user is the fact that over time the start menu becomes unbearably cluttered. As installed programs pile up and cause more shortcuts to be created in the start menu, it becomes hard to navigate to the programs you are looking for. Thats where JetStart comes in. With the software you can easily categorize start menu shortcuts, customizable commands, and more.

All you need to do is start a search for what you are looking for. JetStart attaches directly to Windows and enables you to select programs that you can drag to your desktop, classify, or uninstall with ease.

JetStart Toolbar allows you to quickly access your favorite Windows applications.

  • Organize your toolbar menu with drag and drop functionality
  • Launch multiple apps simultaneously
  • Hotkey and tray minimize support
  • Easy drag and drop access between the toolbar and your desktop
  • Keyboard interface for easy navigation
  • Windows Docking Capabilities
  • Easy to resize

Customize your task bar with a few clicks

Wouldn’t it be great if you could rearrange your taskbar the way you wanted it to be? With JetStart, you can. With a simple drag and drop mechanic, you can reorganize it the way you want.

Pro Features

JetStart is a free software, but it has a Pro version that adds extended functionality:

  • Classify your shortcuts into categories
  • Click both mouse buttons to show the toolbar
  • Built-in startup manager allows you to control programs that run at Windows boot
  • Create custom hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts

With JetStart, creating, customizing, and maintaining your shortcuts has never been easier. Ditch the start menu! You no longer need it! Dock your favorite programs, commands, and shortcuts to the toolbar and access everything you need with a few clicks of your mouse. With the boosted productivity and ease of use, you’ll wish you found this app sooner.

Version: 4.4
Price: $0.00 (Free)
License: Freeware

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