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PC gaming can be great, but if your computer can’t keep up with the game’s performance demands, the whole entire experience can be ruined. That’s why you need your PC running at its absolute peak while you game. You need a game speed booster that is able to free up resources that your favorite games need to run at their best. The Razer Cortex Game Booster is a brand new program that frees up loads of resources so that your computer isn’t bogged down while gaming.

About Razer Game Booster

Razer Game Booster optimizes your computer by stopping all unneccesary services, programs, tasks, and background apps that eat away at your computer’s resources, leaving less available for the game you are playing and making it run slower. With all of these resource hogs disabled, your games will play smoother, have higher framerates, and rarely ever crash due to problems such as low available memory or high CPU usage.

The performance booster engine that Razer Cortex uses runs in the background. When a user begins playing a game on their computer, it signals to Razer Game Booster to automatically optimize the performance of the system. Background processes and tasks are noted and frozen, making the system more responsive and ready to play games. Then, when the game is exited, Razer Game Booster silently re-enables the processes and tasks that were closed when the game started, making applications with background components run as if Game Booster had never even interfered with them.

Of course, the best game booster on the market also has some pretty nice levels of configurability. For users either brave or advanced enough to understand what they are doing, Game Booster offer options to optimize their systems the way they want. For instance, if Game Booster is interfering with a driver or macro program, simply add it to the list of programs to keep running!

Game Booster Defrags Your Hard Drive

One of the main reasons for poor game performance is the lack of sufficient data transfer speeds. When game files are located far away on a hard drive (or even worse, split into chunks), the hard drive’s write head needs to move more, resulting in slower loading times. And for games that load as you play (most new games do this), this can result in choppy gameplay.

Luckily, Razer’s Game Speed Booster takes care of this problem for you. Fragmented files are a thing of the past, as Game Booster defrags your game files for you. But it doesn’t just defrag the files: it defrags the entire game folder. This results in the game data being grouped together. Less drive head movement means faster file access and read times, ultimately boosting game performance.

See your performance soar with built-in FPS counter

Razer’s flagship game performance booster works well, but sometimes you need to see the results in order to believe them. That’s why Game Booster comes with a built-in FPS counter that shows your game’s current framerate. Try it with and without boosting performance to determine how much of an increase you gain!

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