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Windows is extremely notorious for having slow file transfer speeds, especially when transferring data over a local network. The vanilla option is a total pain, but there exist other file copying solutions that perform better and at higher speeds. For users who do a lot of file copying, backup, and transfer and have been plagued by the slow transfer speed problem, regardless of what medium you are transferring to and from, TeraCopy may be the solution for you. It certainly is for millions of others.

TeraCopy was developed as a replacement to Windows’s slow file transfer integration, as it was designed to allow the maximum transfer speed possible. It does things like filter out bad files to boost the overall transfer time, and then notify you of the damaged files once all of the in-tact ones are copied. It also uses the advanced CRC checksum algorithm to check for any corruption that may have occurred during the transfer. It even reads and displays advanced file metadata and transfer information that the Windows Explorer copy mechanism isn’t capable of providing. The best part? You don’t have to go out of your way to transfer your files with TeraCopy. It can integrate fully into the Windows Shell, replacing the default file copier and adding copy options to the right-click pop up menu.

TeraCopy Features

  • Faster File Transfer
    When hard drives are read from and written to, the drive spins and the magnetic needle (called the drive head) moves to a specific location to read data. When files are copied, the drive head spins all over the place, as it has to jump to and from locations that are being read from and written to. TeraCopy uses a buffering system to reduce the amount of movement for the drive head – a process that greatly increases transfer speeds. In addition, TeraCopy can handle multiple file transfers at the same time (asynchronously) while continuing to maintain unparalleled transfer speeds.
  • Ability to Pause and Resume
    Sometimes, it is necessary to pause file transfers to clear up bandwidth or allow faster disk access. TeraCopy allows users to pause and resume file transfers with the click of a button, freeing up system resources and making transfers of large files painless.
  • Error Checking and Repair
    Computers aren’t perfect, and errors happen. Copying files only to have them be corrupt when they are needed is pointless. Luckily, TeraCopy uses advanced CRC checksum calculations to verify the integrity of transferred files. And if the file isn’t in the state it should be, TeraCopy will make every last effort to repair it.
  • User-Friendly Interface
    TeraCopy is super easy to use, and it is even easier to understand. If a file fails a transfer, it will alert you right away and give you options to repair the situation.
  • Shell integration
    If you can’t stand the default Windows copier, TeraCopy can integrate itself directly into the Windows Explorer Shell, replacing the old file copier and adding new options to the Windows right-click menu to give you complete control over how the copy is executed.

TeraCopy Licensing

TeraCopy is completely free to use, as long as it isn’t a commercial environment. The pro version, on the other hand, is a completely licensed version of the software, and for the price, you’ll receive loads of extra features, such as copy presets and the ability to directly modify the copy queue while it is working.

TeraCopy Performance Report

We tested TeraCopy in comparison to the Windows Explorer default file copier, and we were surprised by what we found. When copying small files, Windows Explorer actually tended to be slightly faster. However, when we copied a large 30GB file from one hard drive to another, TeraCopy won the race by over a minute and a half.

We noticed that, unlike the default copier, TeraCopy’s transfer speeds fluctuated between highs and lows a lot more often. This is likely to do with the buffering system that is in place, and although the transfer speeds tended to shoot up and then gradually fall, the transfer speed is updated in real time, whereas the Windows Explorer copier is updated on an average interval. For all we know, the same could be happening with the default copier.

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