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Here’s the truth: some games just were meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse, and others just downright feel more comfortable when playing with a controller. There are hundreds if not thousands of games that support controllers, but the sad truth is that some of the best games out there don’t support controllers, which can sometimes be a real pain. For this problem there is a solution. Xpadder Allows you to map controller bonds to keyboard and mouse interactions in order to add controller support to any game that can be played with a keyboard and mouse.

With Xpadder, it is easier than ever to map controller buttons that seemingly any action in the windows environment, including keyboard keystrokes, mouse clicks, media player functions, macros, and more. This includes the ability to program action such as rapid fire and other useful macros that give you a competitive advantage in any video game.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. Simply mapped the bonds that the controller supports, and then map those buttons to any function, keystroke or mouse click. As soon as it mapped, it’s ready to go, and you can launch your game and instantly start playing. This means that from the moment you download Xpadder, you can begin playing a game that previously did not support controllers, with a controller, in less than 10 minutes. For those of you play games not supported by modern controllers consider picking this software up.

Xpadder Features

  • Built in emulation system for keyboard and mouse interfaces
  • Portable, standalone application that doesn’t require any install
  • Capable of adding controller support to any game
  • Support for multiple simultaneous controllers/multiplayer support
  • Ability to map controller buttons for windows commands such as volume, pause, and exit
  • Controller vibration and force feedback support
  • Download and share controller layouts with the community
Version: 5.7
Price: $9.99
License: Trialware

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